1957 Ford Custom Show Car - Barret Jackson Material
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SPEED TV SPECIAL CALL RANDY TO DEAL!!!!1957 Ford Customized nostalgia show car. 390, 4 speed. 1957 Ford Custom which was customized back in the early 60's with a 390 Big Block Tri Power engine and a 4 Speed manual transmission.

The car was purchased new by the Rhode Island State Police and remained in service until 1961 when the car was sold to its second owner in New Hampshire. This 57 Ford Custom has some pretty serious body modifications both front and rear and a very cool custom interior featuring 4 bucket seats and a full floor console which starts under the dash and runs all the way to the rear package tray area!

The front end has been extended several inches including the front fenders with a passenger side 4" frenched antenna and a custom header panel that wraps itself around the entire front end and joins both front fenders from underneath and has a small frame mounted custom tube bumper. The car has a custom tube grill and quad headlights using what are believed to be 1959 Chevrolet headlight bezels and custom parking lights borrowed from a late 50's truck. The front end of this car has an unbelievable amount of work involved in its structure which absolutely makes this car a one of a kind creation. The hood has also been modified and includes an early 60's teardrop hood scoop similar to those used on some of the Ford factory lightweight drag cars of the era.

The quarter panels have been modified as have the trunk lid and molded custom rear valance along with the one of a kind custom oversized rear taillights which are super cool and look awesome when lit up in the evening. The car has custom built taillight housings in the trunk to mount the large kidney shaped plexiglass taillight lenses. The license plate door has been frenched into the rear body panel and flips down for easy access to the gas tank filler neck and cap.

The car is done in high quality base/clear and has a very deep finish and incredible shine all which was done over a very solid body.

The interior is pretty much untouched over the last 40 years and still looks good. The interior features 4 individual bucket seats borrowed from an early Thunderbird, done in custom white vinyl pleats with very cool custom black door panels with molded armrest with custom door panel mounted courtesy lights featuring hand made custom aluminum housings with the word "FORD" spelled out. The car has a hand built and beautifully crafted "full" Floor console which starts under the dash board and runs the full length of the interior and stops at the base of the rear package tray.

This car has custom lights built into each wheel well to light the tires and wheels. All of the courtesy lighting on this car are red and it looks super cool with the black and white door panels and white seats along with the white dash front and the candy apple dash top. There are lights mounted under the dash and in each door panel and there is separate lighting for the console control panel and there are also lights mounting in the rear of the console between the 2 rear bucket seats. The console also has cigar lighters and ashtrays for both the front and rear passengers along with custom seat belts that have retainers built into the console. The console is done very tastefully with thin custom wood grain strips running its length. The console also houses the HURST 4 speed shifter with an original HURST 4 speed shifter boot and a custom red billiard "7" ball shift knob.

The car rides on a rare set of 1963 Vintage Mickey Thompson Rader wheels with tri-bar spinners and a nice set of Vintage Goodyear F60-14 Polyglas GT tires.

This car would make an ideal Super-Villian's car for a movie!

Cars of this caliber that feature quality, hand made custom construction, routinely sell for six figure amounts at high end auctions such as Barrett-Jackson! Get a show custom for a fraction of what it would cost to build it today.

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